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Hungarian Football Poster

Hungarian Soccer Poster

A new addition to my collection.

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Ecstasy 1 Sheet

Ecstasy 1sht

Human Wreckage

Human Wreckage 1sht

Wall of Death



Wall of Death JWC

Moto Posters

Yankee Hooligans FC


A Couple of Nice Rides

I don’t know what it was about this flower bush this weekend, but it attracted some mighty nice vintage cars…



Harley Davidson Billboard

Harley Davidson Billboard

Recently sold at auction for $6500

Vintage Industrial Goodness

I am constantly searching for vintage industrial pieces. I have been buying and selling them for years. The problem now is that shows like American Pickers have made them groovy. I have a hard time finding anything i can afford anymore. That said, I still get inspired when I come across someone that “gets it” and has a collection that makes me want to overspend. The following is a perfect example. Way too expensive, but cool nonetheless…

Moto Wall Update

Moto Wall Update

Changing it up as I get more framing done…


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