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A Couple Of Burlesque Goodies

Art of Love

Frosti Winters

Devil’s Sleep 1 Sheet

A new addition to my collection:

Devils Sleep 1sht 141

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A. Rivera Painting

Our latest trip to Ecuador was fruitful in the antique hunting realm. We picked up some great pieces. One of them is this amazing Dali-inspired oil on canvas by an artist signing as A. Rivera.A. Rivera Painting

I have been researching to find information on the artist but have come up empty. We know for sure it is not a registered Ecuadorian artist, but outside of that we have no clue. We are dating it to the late 40’s or 50’s by the age of the paint crazing and the appearance of the canvas.

Oct 15: We have now discovered that the painting is a copy of a Salvador Dali┬ápainting from 1938 entitled “Burning Giraffe”. Our guess is that this painting was painted by a student in the 1940’s as a study. We will continue to research the A. Rivera signature to find out if there are any other works out there that represent his/her originals. In the mean time we will enjoy this well done copy in our home.

A Rivera Painting 2

Hungarian Football Poster

Hungarian Soccer Poster

A new addition to my collection.

Ecstasy 1 Sheet

Ecstasy 1sht

Human Wreckage

Human Wreckage 1sht

Wall of Death



Wall of Death JWC

Moto Posters

Yankee Hooligans FC


A Couple of Nice Rides

I don’t know what it was about this flower bush this weekend, but it attracted some mighty nice vintage cars…




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