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Selvedged Denim – The Whole Story


I own many pairs of selvedged denim jeans. When talking to other fashionistas about the Heritage trend in American fashion I spend alot of time explaining what selvedged denim is and pointing people to the numerous articles out there explaining the history of selvedged denim and the current  state of the fabric. Rather than rehash those articles in my own words I have decided to put a series of links to some of the best articles out there on the old interweb. Spend some time and read about what made American jeans the envy of the world and why selvedged denim is a justifiable expensive obsession:

Todd Shelton’s Article

Rawr Denim’s Article

AlphaCityGuide’s Article

MapleMoto’s Article referencing Mens File Magazine

Denim Archive’s documentation of fading from wear without wash

Some of my favorite brands:


Levis Vintage Clothing


Baldwin Denim


Railcar Fine goods


Raleigh Denim

And at the heart of it all –


Cone Denim Mills


Terminal Bar

An amazing look at days gone by in New York City.