I’m obsessed…

For years I have been obsessed. The subjects of my obsessions have come and gone, changed and morphed, ebbed and flowed in intensity, but have always been there. Generally there have been two common threads running throughout all of my obsessions; 1. all obsessions had something to do with great design or style & 2. all obsessions had to do with acquiring or collecting beautiful things that had some sort of vintage character. I am always most happy when I have conversations with others that have similar obsessions and look forward to the cathartic moments after such conversations when I feel I am not alone in my unhealthy compulsions. So, my newest obsession with Blogs begins…


11 responses to “I’m obsessed…

  • theeyeoffaith

    Hey there!

    I can relate to the obsession! Since I was iddy biddy I’ve always loved vintage finds, antiques, and treasures. I like your blog. We seem to be like minds…which is truly rare these days!

    Love your blog and hope you can check out mine!

    Now Following!



  • Jon

    Same here. From old books to motorcycles to musical instruments.

  • Brian Poe

    Hey Obsessed,

    I am looking for a couple vintage trouble lights….like a McGill or a Russell & Stoll light. Do you have any extras you may be interested in selling ?

  • honda vt500 (@HondaVT500)

    I share you obsession too. Being based in the UK I’m envious of the iconic US images …..although it has to be said that probably works the other way around too!

  • Bob Treat

    Guilty, too…
    For me, it’s researching, collecting & restoring over 2 dozen (+ duplicates) 21’x10′ 7Up UnCola vintage 30-sheet paper billboards and posters. Here’s a link to just one of my “albums” on Flickr featuring their giant billboard advertising graphics from 1969 – 1975 +/-:

    7Up UnCola hanging sign by John Alcorn (NOT Peter Max)

    There were a lot of great illustrations in the collective body of work orchestrated by the “Midwest Mad Men” at J. Walter Thompson [advertising] Company of Chicago.

  • jan

    wondering about the value on some of the vintage ama event posters from the 1940’s. i have plenty more questions so ill wait for this reply. you have my email address if you’d like to contact me ill share more. thank you.

    • VintageOCD


      Sorry for the delay in responding. Holidays getting the best of me.

      The AMA poster values will depend on the images and events themselves. The actual values could be all over the board from inexpensive to quite expensive. The values on eBay and other auction sites are not that reliable as people tend to have a higher opinion of what they think they are worth than the actual market value. If you have images of the posters send them to me at scott@casarama.com and I will give you an honest evaluation of their value ranges. Without seeing them I would shoot from the hip and say any motorcycle racing poster older than 1970 with a decent image is somewhere between $25 and $250, depending on condition and size. It is rare that a true collector would pay upwards of $250, but there are always exceptions to the rule when you come across rare images and older pieces.

      Hope this helps. Send photos if you want specific feedback.


  • Tony Colombini

    I’d like to introduce you to my new vintage auto/cycle memorabilia store. Blacktop Depot was opened from a couple of friends who have been obsessed for decades on automobilia. If you are ever in Orange County, CA please stop by. Blacktop Depot is at 418 W. Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92866 or at http://www.BlacktopDepot.com Thank you.

  • Kaspar Rønningen

    Hi there! I have an old jacket, which i use in some cases. Old-school, classic jacket. I live in Norway, but the jacket was originally made in the US, it have passed down to me from my great grandfather who was a whaler. I’ve searched the web and i found that it is a “Hercules Outerwear by Sears”. I found a picture with the exact same jacket as mine just in a different colour, mine’s brown. So, the picture from pinterest lead me here. The jacket on the image was black, with red and white dots. It seems like the jacket came in a variety of colours, such as brown, red or blue. The jacket is from the 1950s. Here is a link that leads to another jacket just like mine: https://no.pinterest.com/pin/424605071100288186/

    So, i’m sure that someone like you sure knowns something about the jacket? I’m wondering where it comes from, price? Of course i’m not going to sell it, that is not my intention, i’m just way to curious about knowing about it.

    If you’re interested i can send a picture by E-mail. Thanks

  • N Benson

    I am enjoying your blog and different “obsessions” as I weave through your website. We just acquired a Dr. Neff Spook Show poster and I am curious of its value and history. We plan to frame it up and enjoy it. We are not sure if we want to let it go anytime soon. We are curious about it and I am conducting some research on it now. Any input would be appreciated.

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