1958 Dodge D100 – Spare Tire Mount

The spare tire mount has been beefed up and a spare has been mounted. We are checking off items from the list quickly. We are really getting close. The boys a VR Garage are doing a stellar job.

1958 Dodge D100 Step Side 11958 Dodge D100 Step Side 2


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2 responses to “1958 Dodge D100 – Spare Tire Mount

  • Patrick Smith

    I have the same truck only diff is mine has the single bezel headlights, i dont k kw enough about the truck to know why they are singles and that it originally came with a 315-v8

  • VintageOCD

    Mine had the single bezel headlights as well. I switched them out for doubles, as I prefer the double look. The singles are actually more rare than the doubles.

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