Same Ol’ Song & Dance.

In my collection of vintage posters I have a series of 8 political posters from 1968 designed in the spirit of the 60’s. My favorite is the Gubernatorial poster for Ronald Reagan. Since it is the political season I thought you might like to see that even though the candidates talk the same old talk, they don’t walk the same old walk, at least when it comes to cool campaign posters. They used to deliver fresh design. And NO, I don’t think the Shepard Fairey Obama poster will end up in my collection…

1968 California Governor's Race


I first saw 3 of these posters on the Novograts design show and obsessed over them for a few weeks, contacting my poster-dealer sources with no luck. Finally I contacted the Novograts assistant to find out if they were real or re-pops. She confirmed that Robert found them at a flea market in NYC so the obsession continued until I found a dealer that had old stock of all 8 posters. I had to scoop them up and now they reside in a cardboard tube next to my hundreds of other exploitation, burlesque, and sci-fi posters. Someday I will get them framed…


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