EtWas Leather Bags

Okay, I have posted about finding the perfect leather messenger bag in a previous post, “An Old Friend, A New Friend”, but I came across another line of bags I will be checking out on my next visit to NYC. They are hand crafted using nothing more than the hand and a portable workshop box. In short, they are simply beautiful.





Check out their minimal collection at ETWAS. They also make hand-crafted belts, which aren’t on their website but are available through Brooklyn Denim Co. Make sure you read about the EtWas story here.


2 responses to “EtWas Leather Bags

  • ewfashionblogger

    These are really beautiful, classic bags. I love the fine craftsmanship that goes into items like this 🙂 x Great post

  • vintageocd

    @ewfashionblogger – Thanks for the feedback! The art of hand-crafting is becoming a lost commodity. It comes at a price, but my experience is that these kind of items last forever and get better with age, AND they do repairs for life, just like my other favorite leather-makers in NYC, The Village Tannery! I think I might have to get the tool bag for the Missus. She will love me forever as well 😉

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