Bexar Goods Co.

I came across another great hand-made American bag company called Bexar Goods Co. They use leather, waxed canvas, and wool to fabricate bags, belts, and carry goods. They are running an Earth Day sale on their waxed canvas line so I encourage you to get over to their sale page on their website and pick up a bag or two while the sale lasts.






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3 responses to “Bexar Goods Co.

  • It's dani time

    I’m sort of in love with these bags.

  • Bexar Goods Co.

    Hey There!

    Thanks for featuring our sale on your site. You’ve got some great write-ups and feature great products. We are humbled to be part of the selection.


    Guy + Bexar Goods Family

  • vintageocd

    Thanks for making great American-made quality goods! I am happy to spread the word when I find great products from small hands-on business people. I posted in Pinterest as well, and hope that many come to you and purchase. Keep me posted when new products are introduced or promotions are in effect and I will help spread the word.



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