1971 Honda CB350 Cafe Racer Project – Episode 4

Last night I wrestled the engine into the freshly powdercoated frame, after cleaning and polishing the engine for several nights. The aluminum isn’t perfect yet, but I am tired of trying to make it perfect, especially after seeing the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo version with all its imperfections. Here is where it stands at the moment:

1971 Honda CB350

1971 Honda CB350

And here are some parts and the carbs all cleaned up and ready to be installed. Soon I will have a rolling chassy.

1971 Honda CB350 Cafe Racer Project


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4 responses to “1971 Honda CB350 Cafe Racer Project – Episode 4

  • beersandgears

    What are you using to clean up the motor?

    • VintageOCD

      Well, first, let me say that I originally thought I would buff all the aluminum to a high gloss and that I would paint the block to look new. Once I got into it I changed my mind, as polishing this old gal has been a bitch. The aluminum pieces I started with a fine wire wheel, moved on to a buffing wheel with polishing compound, then went to Mothers Aluminum Polish with 000 steel wool and finally just straight 000 steel wool. The shine is pretty good but I was not able to get down past some of the discoloration so you can tell that the engine is not new. It makes me thing that the guys that get a perfect polish must spend many more hours than I was willing to get down to raw aluminum. The block I wire brushed but left the imperfections in the end and decided since it is my first rebuild that the expense of a bead blast was overkill. My new motto is, “I can always go back and hit some of this stuff later, after the bike is running.”

  • jam3sk

    It’s good to leave a bit of patina.

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