Vintage Menswear – Must Have Book!

My copy of Vintage Menswear arrived last week and it has taken me this long to stop looking at it every spare minute. It showcases pieces from The Vintage Showroom in London.


You can get the book through Amazon. I suggest you get it quickly, before it goes the way of Heller’s Cafe – King Of Vintage 1, which is now selling for upwards of $250.


The Vintage Menswear book is a similar format to Heller’s, with examples of vintage men’s clothing that are rare gems and solid examples of style from days when clothes were made to last. A couple of excerpts from the book:



The Vintage Showroom in London is another reason, besides seeing an Arsenal game, that I need to schedule a little foray to London. Until you get to London you can keep up with The Vintage Showroom over at their blog.



Now, go out and get that book before it is gone…

There are also still copies of Heller’s Cafe’s King Of Vintage 2 & Queen Of Vintage out there, which every vintage-o-phile should have on their coffee table.



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