Johnson Motors Rocks!

Ohhh, I heard the UPS truck coming up the street and I new it had to be my care package from Johnson Motors, Inc. If you haven’t checked out their Made In The USA by way of LA goods then you should do so here.

When they issue new styles they don’t last long, as they are all made in small runs. It is for this reason I bought two each of the JMMC Bandanas:


They made them in blue and red and they will be gone soon. I also snatched up one of their duffles for those short rides on the Cafe Racer Project:


And if that wasn’t enough I found a little “thanks for being patient” McQueen gift in my box, as the duffels took longer to produce than they expected. That is the way these classy guys roll!


Get on over and get yourself some goodies. Most importantly, get on their mailing list so you have access to new releases before they get gobbled up.


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