Plein Gaz Poster

Check out this bad boy! Nice…


It is a French poster for the British film, “No Limit” about racing the TT Races back in 1935. You can check out a sample of the film here:

Aug 2014 update: After many years of collecting posters I have only been burned a couple of times. This poster now finds itself on that list. I purchased this poster from a “reputable” dealer, Robert Depietro of CinemaImages. I negotiated a price and paid through Paypal. After the poster failed to arrive within 2 weeks I contacted Robert. He gave me a long story about his assistant failing to send the poster and apologized for the delay, stating that he would get it out to me right away. 2 weeks later I contacted him to inquire if it had been sent out. He said that he had sent the poster Priority Mail but did not get a tracking number and that it should be there in a day or two. Another week went by and it failed to arrive. This time emails went unanswered. 2 more weeks past so I blasted out an angry email and attempted to make a Paypal claim, which I filed just past the 60 day deadline, so no refund was possible. A week later I received an email from Robert detailing a long hospital stay and more apologies for being nice and patient. He stated that he had made a claim on his end with the post office and that he should have a refund soon, which I doubted, as he obviously did not take extra insurance to match the purchase price, nor send it Priority Mail, which would have given him a tracking number. To date I never heard another word from Robert Depietro or anyone else at CinemaImages. Nor did I ever receive the poster or any refund. I am truly disappointed and hope that karma catches up to this disreputable seller. Someday I will find this poster again and will add it to my collection. Until then, I urge you all to be wary, and don’t buy from CinemaImages or Robert DePietro of Houston, Texas.


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