G-Pa’s 1948 Willy’s CJ2A Jeep

Well, the family ranch might be gone, but I was successful in keeping the family Willy’s Jeep. My parental units tried to auction off the Jeep, or worse, give it away to the ranch hands that were begging to have it, but I put my foot down. I was willing to leave alot behind, but I didn’t want this classic family heirloom to get away. My grandfather had owned this Jeep since the 1960’s and then passed it to my mother ten years ago. It lived its life as a ranch and back-country hunting Jeep for as long as it was in the family. I have fond memories of being a little kid, riding in the bumpy back with my G-Pa in the mountains of Baker City, Oregon. later I would drive it whenever I was on the family ranch, using it to go shooting, or dig arrow heads, so when the ranch sold and was being cleaned out I rustled up a friend with a 24 foot trailer, put my foot down on the selling or giving of the jeep and headed to the ranch to confiscate it so it could remain in the family. My nephew Forrest will be next in line, hopefully he will pass it to future¬†generations with his memories of learning to drive in the old Willys on the ranch.


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