Dragstrip Riot 1 Sheet

Dragstrip Riot 1 Sheet


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2 responses to “Dragstrip Riot 1 Sheet

  • Stuart Marsden

    Thanks for posting this. I absolutely love old B movie posters from the 1950’s and 60’s. I have a small collection at my home in Scarborough in the UK. I have dedicated a small room for movie memorabilia. The wifes not too pleased but i’ve claimed this room as my gateway to my old movies. I have an old cinefilm camera which as old american B movies which i watch to my art’s content, no pun intended. Kindest regards Stuart

    • VintageOCD

      I started with B-Movie posters and have moved into so many different categories I can barely keep track. I now mainly collect Football Posters (soccer), Motorcycle Posters, Exploitation Posters, Spook Show Posters, and whatever else catches my fancy. It is an enjoyable obsession, although it is getting more and more costly for the good rare stuff.



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