Havstad Hat Co.

This whole stars-lining-up story I have been telling for a few weeks is starting to sound a little unbelievable. Since I have been giving up a few things in my public life and concentrating on more things in my private life I have been starting to feel a little grounded. Perhaps that is why good coincidences are popping up more frequently.

The latest odd coincidence I had was that I had been studying up on some underground denim producers and collectors and came across the Desert & Denim Show, happening out in the California desert. Somewhere in my reading I saw a really amazing hand-made hat and started remembering my acquaintance in New York City, Philip Treacy, and his passion for the art of millinery. At the time we used to hang out he was  a young crazy oddball from London that was trying to find his way into the fashion scene in New York. We used to kid him that the art of hat making was an old person’s art and that nobody really wore hats anymore. Had I known where he would be in 20 years I would have bought every hat he was making at the time as an investment.

Philip Treacy and his hats

Philip Treacy and his hats


Forward 22 years and look at where Philip is and the state of hat demand now… Accompany that with the Makers and Heritage movements and the time is perfect for crafts like hand made hats to finally find their time in the sun.

After a little more digging to find the origin of the hat I had seen in the background of the photo from Desert & Denim I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was made by someone in my own backyard. Literally! The hat was made by Cate Havstad of the Havstad Hat Co. and it is located in Bend, Oregon. Not 2 miles from my house. Now I am obsessed to meet Cate, check out her studio, and commission a hat. Too bad I don’t like myself in hats, hers are amazing.





Havstad hats at Desert & Denim


I took these photos from her FB page and I didn’t ask permission. I hope she doesn’t hold it against me. She looks to be a nice person…

Cate Havstad and her sidekick

Cate Havstad and her sidekick


Check out her website and order yourself a hat! I almost didn’t post all this because once she blows up I will never be able to afford one anymore.


I’m off to start learning to like myself in hats…


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