Welcome to the obsession… The Filson Scarlet Mackinaw Cruiser.

Why not start 2012 with a new obsession?! I have been thinking and pondering whether or not I knuckle down and seek out the Filson Limited Edition Scarlet Mackinaw Cruiser. Acquaintances and the website were stating that it had already sold out in most sizes. Only 850 were to be produced and if it hadn’t been a limited edition I most likely would have obsessed for years and never purchased it. After all, the last thing I need is another jacket, but when has that ever stopped me. So, I “stopped by” my local Filson dealer so that he could tell me I was too late. Just to make sure I tried on a brown Mackinaw Cruiser to see which size would be best IF they still had one in stock. Once I determined that they run true to suit size I had the gentleman call to confirm that they were sold out in the common size of 42. “It will be here Tuesday!” he exclaimed. Now I have to figure out how to smuggle it into the house without a divorce…

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