Follow Up to Filson Mackinaw

So, I received the Mackinaw Cruiser Ltd edition scarlet cruiser. I thought ahead and went down to my local Filson dealer and tried on a few to ensure I was ordering the correct size. Good thing I did, as I normally would have ordered a size 44 to ensure I had room to layer, but instead found that the size 42, which is my standard suit size, was perfect, leaving me adequate room. When the jacket arrived I was thrilled at the fit and the color. It is decidedly lighter in weight than I anticipated, but when I wore it out tonight for the first time in 34 degree weather I was comfortably warm. I guess this is why the Filson brand has prevailed for so many years. The best part of the anecdote is that upon entering a party of 15 people this evening I received 6 compliments on the jacket in the first 5 minutes. On to the next obsession…


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