Everyday Carry Submission

So, I follow the blog EDC (everyday-carry.com) to keep up on the latest pocket gadgetry. I became obsessed with flashlights and knives and wallets and…

I had to take a photo of my carry and submit and now must wait to see if the administrator finds the contents worthy of publication. Since I have limited patience I thought I would throw mine up here while I wait.


Vintage Italian Bone-Handled Switchblade – You gotta love the switchblade. It brings back memories of West Side Story knife fights. We are lucky that we can actually carry these in Oregon.

Vintage Sterling Silver ID Bracelet – .925 and HEAVY.

Walther PPK – My favorite handgun. I know why Bond carried one. Fast and smooth.

Tag Huer Aquamarine Chronograph Watch

120G iPod – 21,000 songs. I don’t like to put music on my phone. I also do not leave home without it. I recently subscribed to Apple’s iCloud Music Match service to see if my phone would suffice, but I am having tons of problems with iTunes now that I synced all my computers. It may force me to have to move my principal iTunes library to another computer, which will take me 100’s of hours to reorganize the Goddamned library. Ohhh, don’t get me started… Proper music organization has been a primary obsession-compulsion for years.

iPhone 4 – Can’t wait for a higher resolution camera.

BelArno Wallet – I am obsessing over the Makr Carry Goods Horizon Three wallet so I am sure I will have to get one soon. It took me months to find the BelArno and I was happy to finally find one with enough storage in a small enough footprint, but now I want even smaller.

Surefire G2 LED Flashlight – Not small but it fits all my guns. I have a Maratac AAA on the way to replace this as a carry piece. This will go permanently on my AR15.

Persol Eyeglasses with Transitions Lenses – I’ve been wearing Persol sunglasses since the 1980’s. Sadly I cannot go without prescription glasses anymore so I had to order up the Transitions.

Keys – Cant wait for Retina scanning or fingerprint recognition or microchips or something to get rid of bulky keys.

Make sure you check out EDC and have fun with the carry obsession.


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