One Too Many!

I shouldn’t have had that last whiskey last night… I’m moving slowly today.



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3 responses to “One Too Many!

  • Calvin Bell

    Love the photo of the kid the beer. Was just wondering, I play in a blues-rock band and we have been putting together a few songs for an ep and would love to incorporate that picture on the cd cover. We’re not signed to any label, we just play a few pubs and are just starting out. If you are interested could get back to me and we could talk further. Cheers.

    • VintageOCD


      Use it! That is the beauty of the internet. I don’t know where I found the image but I don;t own the original photograph. I can’t imagine there are copyrights attached. I hope your EP is a success!



  • Calvin Bell

    Cheers Scott! Still early for us but you never know. We’ve got a few ideas we’re kicking around and this is definitely one of the favourites. Thanks.

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