CB350 Cafe Racer Inspiration

I found another nice bike to inspire the Cafe Racer Project. I would love to polish out the tank to raw metal…


This one was discovered over at jvoisrad with no additional details. It looks to be a Honda CB350 to me.

Here it is a little earlier in the process:


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7 responses to “CB350 Cafe Racer Inspiration

  • Bill Bell

    Great looking machine, thanks for posting

  • eric meglasson

    Hey, just stumbled across your blog. Are you located in Central Oregon? I am, and have been documenting a few vintage bike builds on a blog, you might check it out. I mention it mostly because we finished a couple of our tanks in raw steel with a clear coat, they look great, similar to the photo at the top of this page. We’re hosting a vintage Moto show in Bend this weekend, hopefully you can check it out.
    our blog: http://www.spincycleindustries.com for more info. Great blog!

    • vintageocd

      Eric, I am in Central Oregon. Bend, in fact! I saw the flyer on your show this weekend and I am truly disappointed that I will be in Portland on Saturday! I shared the flyer for the event on the facebook page for our motorcycle group: Two Springers Motorcycle Club so hopefully some guys will show up and post pictures. I will check out you site and will follow up!

  • Dakota

    wow this is a very nice bike, at 15 im searching craigslist however do not have a bike yet but i would like to have a 350 for sure. i love the raw metal look and im pretty sure ill do this to mine. I live in C.O as well and am glad to see some cafe enthusiasts in the area. Thanks for posting.

  • Kristy

    Correct me if I’m wrong but i feel strongly that these two images are of two completely different motorcycles. Ive been crushing pretty hard on the bike in the second photo for months now and ive been trying to find out who put her together. If you say the second image is an earlier version of the bike in the top image id say it would be a downgrade. The bike in the first image has no rear set shifter. And the bike in the second does. The sewing pattern on the seat is completely different as well as the seat pan and front shocks. Why would you want to throw out a perfectly good seat pan? I think one of these bikes inspired the other. If anyone knows who built the bike in the second image. Please email me the info. Id like to thank them for being such an inspiration. Electricnerdery at gmail dot com.

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