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1958 Dodge D100 – Spare Tire Mount

The spare tire mount has been beefed up and a spare has been mounted. We are checking off items from the list quickly. We are really getting close. The boys a VR Garage are doing a stellar job.

1958 Dodge D100 Step Side 11958 Dodge D100 Step Side 2


Dodge d100 – Summer 2018

Well, we find ourselves at the beginning of summer 2018. The old 1958 Dodge D100 project is shuffling along. I almost feel like we can see the finish line, but it might be a mirage, as I have said that before. Today the boys over at VR Garage got it back from the painter, where it was clear coated in a satin finish to preserve the patina. I originally was going to patina polish it, but the more research I did told me that unless you are going to store it inside, or pay to polish it every year you are looking for trouble. Also, the polisher has to meticulously polish around the surface rust, otherwise the polishing compound sticks to the rough rusty areas and must be power washed out. There are a lot of rusty areas on this truck (surface only) so I know it would have been a huge project to polish it. The satin finish came out great! I know my friend Erik ‘The Viking” Elbeck is going to trash talk me behind my back to all the hot rod crowd, about what a terrible decision this was, but I can take it. They all think I’m not a real hot rod guy anyways.

So, until next update – here she is:


58 Dodge D100 Update

It has been a while since I gave a little progress update on the D100 pickup. Last year we bought an old industrial building, so the funds to make the Dodge D100 project move along were challenging. The boys over at VR Garage have been steadfast and patient, getting things done as I can get money their way. I have expressed how concerning it was having someone else do the restoration, as it is the first project i haven’t done myself, but I am getting a bit excited as we get closer to completion. Like any restoration, it has cost twice as much and taken twice as long as planned, but I keep adding projects and changing my mind, so it is to be expected. So far we have dropped in a refurbished Chevy 350 small block and added an automatic transmission. All wiring is new. New gauges and surrounds. Disc brakes with new wheels and whitewalls. New and adjusted suspension. New steering column. New tail lights. Replaced the radiator and refurbished the gas tank.

We still have left the interior, a new bed, clear coating the patina finish, painting some detail pieces, lettering on the door. Exhaust. Back bumper. All new glass and seals. And I am sure a hundred more things I am forgetting. But, it should be on the road by summer, as the building remodel is nearing its end and I can concentrate again on finishing up the truck.

Here it is as of September 2017:

58 Dodge D100 - 1

Whitewalls all around

58 Dodge D100 - 2

Dual headlights replace singles

58 Dodge D100 - 3

New gauges and surrounds

58 Dodge D100 - 4

Making progress

1958 Dodge D-100 Step-Side Project

Wow, sometimes the picking gods shine upon you when you least expect it! I was obsessed with the Dodge Sweptside pickup and started looking for one about a month ago. None were available at any price I could stay married over, but I cam across a Craigslist listing in Washington State for a D-100 Step side for a really reasonable price of $1000. It needed a restoration, ut the bones were all there.

1958 DODGE D100

I emailed and emailed the listing and never got a return email so after a week I noticed the lister had added a phone number. I called him up only to find out that there was a buyer driving up to pick it up in 2 days, but that he would hold it for me as a parts car if I would be interested in buying his Stepside project he had in the garage! For only $8000 I could buy his parts and pieces and assemble my own Stepside… and then get divorced.

I gave up the thought and let the step-side go, thinking that someday I would find another in a field or something and all would be well in the world. Then my obsession ate away at me and I went over to eBay and put in an alert search for any 1958 D-100 that might come up. Less than a week later I got a listing alert for a nice 58 Step-side that was rust free and all original and was no reserve starting at $500. Then I looked at the location… and BAM! It was within a mile of my house! I spent the next week waiting and bidding and hoping and obsessing and talking to my wife about this truck I might buy. Today the stars lined up and I won the auction. The wife relented and I will be picking it up within the week. Let the work begin!

Here are the auction photos:

d100 1 d100 2 d100 3 d100 4 d100 8

I will take more photos when I have it in my possession. Until then…